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Site Built-Telecom Infrastructure Construction

Site Built-Telecom Infrastructure Construction

Civil Works and Tower Erection

Foundations for main Tower, Shelters + Generators, plus all associated Civil Works including all types of Fencing, Earthing, Cable Tray installation, Manholes, Access Roads among others.

Equipment Installation & Commissioning 

Erection, Installation, testing and commissioning of Towers, Feeder & Antenna Systems, BTS Radio  & MicroWave Equipment, Electrical and Alarm Systems + Installation and Testing of Fiber Optic Cabling.

MSC Construction-Data Centre

Complete MSC site construction including supply, installation and commissioning of all civil works, tower, fire fighting, AC installations, Switchgear, generator and fuel tanks.

Fiber Optic Networks

Trenching, boring, punching, manholes, hand hole, laying, splicing, blowing termination, and commissioning.

Telecom Service Solution

Telecommunication, Energy Solutions and Civil engineering