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Our Compliance

Environmental Health & Safety Standards

Fountain Technologies management and employees are committed to Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) standards and regulations in all our facilities and in the field. All levels of field operations are carried out according to Environment, Health and Safety guidelines promoted by all levels of field operations management and personnel.

Fountain Technologies Employees (and all other persons at a workplace) including those of Contractors, have a personal responsibility for EHS. Fountain Technologies Employees are always encouraged to actively participate in all aspects of the Project EHS Management System. This is further enhanced through continual in-house training and reviews from our in-house EHS Officers and outsourced trainers as well.

The full involvement of all Fountain Technologies Employees is vital to obtain the Project aim of “Zero” incidents and injuries at the workplace.

All employees are required to:    


  • Make and openly demonstrate a personal commitment to EHS for the duration of the Project and actively assist in creating a healthy and safe workplace  
  • Accept responsibility for their own health and safety, and for that of their fellow workers who may be affected by their actions or omissions    
  • Comply with instructions given in relation to workplace health and safety and environmental protection and to not adversely affect the health and safety of others    
  • Not to interfere with, misuse or deface anything provided in the interests of health and safety and employee welfare    
  • Use personal protective equipment and all safety devices correctly ensuring adequate training has been given to do so    
  • After taking reasonable steps to protect the health and safety of any person who may be threatened, immediately report to his/her Supervisor any situation which could present a hazard and which cannot be immediately and simply rectified by the employee    
  • Immediately report all accidents /incidents, near misses or dangerous events to their supervisor    
  • Ensure they have sufficient training, knowledge or expertise to undertake tasks safely and competently and to seek further information and /or advice from his /her supervisor immediately if in doubt about the correct application of any work method or work process or any other matter pertaining to Health, Safety and Environmental compliance    
  • Report for work in a fit and proper state, free from the effects of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances or fatigue    
  • Attend and actively participate in health and safety initiatives, job safety observations, training sessions and meetings conducted for Project personnel

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